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15-hour language courses (10 weeks)

Our Spanish language courses run for 15 hours (1.5-hrs x 10 wks or 3-hrs x 5 wks) and are called levels. For example, Elementary level 1 is 15 hours, Elementary level 2 is 15 hours, and so on. These levels are grouped into Elementary, Upper-Elementary, Lower-Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced, and each group contains 5 or 6 levels. They run 4 times a year, in Terms. Some are offered as Rápido - (3-hrs x 5 weeks), or as Intensives January.

These courses are all conversational and highly practical, with attention given to language structure, enabling students to start from zero, and continue on to achieve a high level of fluency and accuracy in advanced levels.

Our language courses follow programmes which correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR), which describes the successive stages of language learning. The courses also conform to criteria for the DELE examinations (Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language), which are held in Melbourne once a year. These Diplomas are organised by the Institute of Cervantes (Spain), and are internationally recognised Spanish language qualifications.

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7.5-hour special courses (5 weeks)

Spanish for Travel is a course designed primarily for those who are about to travel and either have no time or interest in studying the longer, more detailed Spanish language course.

Conversation courses are for practice and consolidation of language already attained. These are offered at differing levels and can be taken as a stand-alone course, or concurrently with a 15-hour course.

Verb Workshops are for review of the grammar of verbs. These are beneficial for students from Upper Elementary through to Advanced!

DELE Preparation courses are to prepare students intending to sit the Spanish Diploma (DELE) exams, held in Australia in May and November each year. Each course is named according to the level of the exam.

Course descriptions, levels

15-hr language courses (10 or 5 wks)
7.5-hr special courses (5 wks)
15-hr dele preparation (5 wks)
Summer Intensives


Nuevo Ven 1For your convenience, El Patio stocks all texts that are used in each course. They may be purchased online with a course, for collection on the first day of your course. That way you'll be able to commence your classes knowing that you have your textbooks.
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What are the CEFR and the DELE?

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